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Smart Roman Shades

The Smart Roman Shade offers a wealth of casual and formal fabrics to blend with any décor.

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  • Hobbled Color

    Light Filtering Colors

    • Temptations Powdered Sugar RSL-110
    • Temptations Creamy Frosting RSL-111
    • Temptations Truffle RSL-112
    • Temptations Biscuit RSL-113
    • Temptations Smoked Gouda RSL-114
    • Temptations Apple Crumb RSL-115
    • Seersucker Cookies & Cream SSL-110
    • Seersucker Sunkissed SSL-100
    • Seersucker Blue Skies SSL-140
    • Intrigue Ivory Veil CHF-642
    • Temptations Biscotti RSL-117
    • Temptations Coffee Cake RSL-121
    • Terrace Windswept TCF-542
    • Temptations Iced Mocha RSL-116
    • Seersucker Toasty Almond SSL-120
    • Terrace Treasure TCF-544
    • Autumn Foggy Morn ASL-601
    • Temptations Sandstone RSL-502
    • Autumn Fall Colors ASL-605
    • Autumn Fallen Leaves ASL-604
    • Terrace Drop of Gold TCF-540
    • Intrigue Days End CHF-640
    • Temptations Mountain Cabin RSL-501
    • Intrigue Husk CHF-645
    • Temptations Raspberry Sherbet RSL-123
    • Temptations Pumpkin Pie RSL-122
    • Seersucker Earthen Clay SSL-130
    • Seersucker Leafy Green SSL-150
    • Temptations Castle Walls RSL-503
    • Autumn Summers End ASL-603
    • Temptations Green Tea RSL-119
    • Terrace Waterfall TCF-545
    • Temptations Classic Navy RSL-500
    • Intrigue Rivers Edge CHF-641
    • Autumn First Rain ASL-602
    • Intrigue Darkness CHF-643
    • Temptations Licorice RSL-120
    • Temptations Grape Jam RSL-118
    • Intrigue Tilled Field CHF-644
    • Morning Dew ASL 600
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    Room Darkening Colors

    • Temptations Powdered Sugar RSD-110
    • Temptations Creamy RSD-111
    • Temptations Truffle RSD-112
    • Temptations Biscotti RSD-117
    • Terrace Summer Cloud TCB-541
    • Temptations Smoked Gouda RSD-114
      No Sample
    • Temptations Biscuit RSD-113
    • Temptations Apple Crumb RSD-115
    • Intrigue Ivory Veil CHB-642
    • Seersucker Cookies & Cream SSR-110
    • Terrace Windswept TCB-542
      No Sample
    • Seersucker Toasty Almond SSR-120
      No Sample
    • Seersucker Earthen Clay SSR-130
    • Temptations Iced Mocha RSD-116
      No Sample
    • Seersucker Sunkissed SSR-100
    • Temptations Coffee Cake RSD-121
    • Autumn Morning Dew ASR-600
    • Temptations Sandstone RSD-502
    • Autumn Fall Colors ASR-605
    • Terrace Treasure TCB-544
    • Autumn Fallen Leaves ASR-604
    • Intrigue Days End CHB-640
    • Terrace Drop of Gold TCB-540
    • Temptations Castle Walls RSD-503
    • Autumn Foggy Morn ASR-601
    • Seersucker Leafy Green SSR-150
    • Autumn First Rain ASR-602
    • Seersucker Blue Skies SSR-140
    • Terrace Waterfall TCB-545
    • Temptations Green Tea RSD-119
    • Temptations Pumpkin Pie RSD-122
    • Temptations Raspberry Sherbet RSD-123
      No Sample
    • Autumn Summers End ASR-603
      No Sample
    • Temptations Mountain Cabin RSD-501
    • Temptations Grape Jam RSD-118
    • Intrigue Tilled Field CHB-644
    • Intrigue Husk CHB-645
    • Temptations Classic Navy RSD-500
    • Temptations Licorice RSD-120
    • Intrigue Rivers Edge CHB-641
      No Sample
    • Intrigue Darkness CHB-643
      No Sample
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  • Flat Color

    Light Filtering Flat Fold Colors

    • Temptations Truffle TMFF-112
    • Temptations Smoked Gouda TMFF-114
    • Temptations Powdered Sugar TMFF-110
    • Temptations Creamy Frosting TMFF 111
    • Temptations Biscuit TMFF-113
    • Temptations Apple Crumb TMFF-115
    • Seersucker Sunkissed SCFF-100
    • Terrace Windswept TEFF-542
    • Terrace Waterfall TEFF-545
    • Terrace Treasure TEFF-544
    • Terrace Drop of Gold TEFF-540
    • Temptations Sandstone TMFF 502
    • Temptations Raspberry Sherbet TMFF-123
    • Temptations Pumpkin Pie TMFF-122
    • Temptations Mountain Cabin TMFF-501
    • Autumn Fall Colors AUFF-605
    • Autumn Fallen Leaves AUFF-604
    • Autumn First Rain AUFF-602
    • Autumn Foggy Morn AUFF-601
    • Autumn Summers End AUFF-603
    • Intrigue Darkness INFF-643
    • Intrigue Days End INFF-640
    • Intrigue Husk INFF-645
    • Intrigue Ivory Veil INFF-642
    • Intrigue Rivers Edge INFF-641
    • Intrigue Tilled Field INFF-644
    • Temptations Licorice TMFF-120
    • Temptations Iced Mocha TMFF-116
    • Temptations Green Tea TMFF-119
    • Temptations Grape Jam TMFF-118
    • Temptations Coffee Cake TMFF-121
    • Temptations Classic Navy TMFF-500
    • Temptations Castle Walls TMFF-503
    • Temptations Biscotti TMFF-117
    • Seersucker Toasty Almond SCFF-120
    • Seersucker Earthen Clay SCFF-130
    • Seersucker Cookies & Cream SCFF-110
    • Seersucker Leafy Green SCFF-150
    • Seersucker Blue Skies SCFF-140
    View more rows of colors

    Room Darkening Flat Fold Colors

    • Temptations Truffle TMFD-112
    • Temptations Smoked Gouda TMFD-114
    • Temptations Creamy TMFD-111
    • Temptations Powdered Sugar TMFD-110
    • Temptations Biscuit TMFD-113
    • Temptations Biscotti TMFD-117
    • Autumn Morning Dew AUFR-600
    • Autumn Fall Colors AUFR-605
    • Terrace Windswept TEFD-542
    • Terrace Waterfall TEFD-545
    • Terrace Treasure TEFD-544
    • Terrace Drop of Gold TEFD-540
    • Temptations Sandstone TMFD-502
    • Temptations Raspberry Sherbet TMFD-123
    • Temptations Pumpkin Pie TMFD-122
    • Temptations Mountain Cabin TMFD-501
    • Autumn Fallen Leaves AUFR-604
    • Autumn First Rain AUFR-602
    • Autumn Foggy Morn AUFR-601
    • Autumn Summers End AUFR-603
    • Intrigue Darkness INFD-643
    • Intrigue Days End INFD-640
    • Intrigue Husk INFD-645
    • Intrigue Ivory Veil INFD-642
    • Intrigue Rivers Edge INFD-641
    • Intrigue Tilled Field INFD-644
    • Temptations Iced Mocha TMFD-116
    • Seersucker Blue Skies SCFR-140
    • Seersucker Cookies & Cream SCFR-110
    • Seersucker Earthen Clay SCFR-130
    • Seersucker Leafy Green SCFR-150
    • Seersucker Sunkissed SCFR-100
    • Seersucker Toasty Almond SCFR-120
    • Temptations Apple Crumb TMFD-115
    • Temptations Castle Walls TMFD-503
    • Temptations Coffee Cake TMFD-121
    • Temptations Grape Jam TMFD-118
    • Temptations Green Tea TMFD-119
    • Temptations Licorice TMFD-120
    • Temptations Classic Navy TMFD-500
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Customer Reviews

Product Details

The Smart Roman Shade offers a wealth of casual and formal fabrics to blend with any décor. Choose between a range of solid and patterned fabrics that offer many versatile options. These fabrics come in both light filtering and room darkening materials making them the perfect match for any room. Each shade comes standard with a beautiful fabric covered headrail adding elegance and additional protection when the product is raised. This roman shade was designed with 4” fabric folds for added style and a contemporary design.

Choose the standard continuous cord lift for easy raising and lowering of the shade. Other lift options include the retractable cord for precise control and the RemoteLift battery operated motorization which raises and lowers with the touch of a button. For a uniform look, all Smart Roman Shades feature a neutral white backing to the exterior. Due to this design, no grommets or cords are visible from the back.

Guaranteed to Fit Guaranteed to Fit

Worried about measuring? Get complete peace of mind with Home Depot’s exclusive Guaranteed To Fit promise. If your window treatment doesn’t fit, we’ll send you a new one at no cost. We’ll cover shipping too!

  • Limited to 4 blinds per household
  • No cash refunds
  • Exchange must be the same product and color
  • Additional charges may apply if there’s a price difference between old and new blinds
  • Exchange must occur within 15 days of delivery to your home


Standard Blind Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 13"
  • Maximum Width: 140"
  • Minimum Height: 16"
  • Maximum Height: 102"
  • Approximate inside mount vertical light gap: 5/8" (control side) 1/2" (free side)

Mounting Requirements

  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth: 1"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed): 3 7/8"
  • Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: 3/4"
  • Minimum End Mount Depth: 1 1/2"

Optional Upgrades:

Origin of Production

  • Made In: Imported