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Natural Woven Shades

Enjoy a wide selection of rich and warm patterns with these Woven Wood Shades by MyBlinds.

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  • Color

    Natural Woven Wood Colors

    • Shoreline Island Paradise BDY-5202
    • Shoreline Island Romance BDY-5203
    • Shoreline Pacific Coast BDY-5208
    • Shoreline Pacific Ocean BDY-5209
    • Shoreline Sabuka BDY-5222
      No Sample
    • Shoreline Tunis BDY-5221
    • Cool Breeze Asunta CBZ-6235
    • Cool Breeze Hapuna Harvest CBZ-6220
    • Cool Breeze Hula Sandals CBZ-6207
    • Cool Breeze Hula Skirt CBZ-6200
    • Cool Breeze Maleeni Natural CBZ-6234
    • Cool Breeze Pagosa Golden CBZ-6231
    • Cool Breeze Pagosa Twilight CBZ-6230
    • Cool Breeze Port O Call CBZ-6206
    • Cool Breeze Santa Catalina CBZ-6208
    • Cool Breeze Santa Rosa CBZ-6209
    • Cool Breeze Tuapa Adventure CBZ-6221
    • Cool Breeze Tuapa Escape CBZ-6222
    • Dreamin Bonaire Beach DRM-7224
    • Dreamin Malekula Morn DRM-7228
    • Dreamin Pelican Cay DRM-7206
    • Dreamin Puka Shells DRM-7207
    • Dreamin Underwater Reef DRM-7223
    • Enchanted Isle Bimini Beach TDW-8200
    • Enchanted Isle Hammock TDW-8205
    • Enchanted Isle Helio Tan TDW-8241
    • Enchanted Isle Helio White TDW-8242
    • Enchanted Isle Molokai Mystique TDW-8224
    • Enchanted Isle Molokai Wonders TDW-8223
    • Enchanted Isle Outrigger TDW-8226
    • Enchanted Isle Polynesian Treasure TDW-8207
    • Enchanted Isle Portugas TDW-8244
    • Enchanted Isle Ukelele TDW-8211
    • Tropics Dacalu Pewter TRO-4205
    • Tropics Kakaru Mesa TRO-4207
    • Tropics Kakaru Sandstone TRO-4206
    • Tropics Kakaru Spice TRO-4208
    • Tropics Samoori Sand TRO-4209
    • Tropics Samoori Taupe TRO-4211
    • Tropics Sombesa Cloud TRO-4200
    • Tropics Sombesa Sand TRO-4201
    • Tropics Sombesa Shore TRO-4202
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Product Details

Enjoy a wide selection of rich and warm patterns with these Natural Woven Wood Shades by MyBlinds. These natural products come standard with a solid stained wood headrail that is both durable and easy to install. A matching valance comes with each shade to help hide visible hardware and offers a look of elegance and sophistication. For more decorating choices, you can also choose to upgrade your shades style with designs like the waterfall or cloth tape options.

  • You can choose to add a privacy or blackout liner to increase light blocking abilities. Each liner offers a neutral outside appearance to the street.
  • 3/4” or 2 1/2” edge binding adds a decorative flow and is applied around the edges of the shade. It also helps control stretching.
  • Comes with standard pull cord operation. Upgrade with acontinuous loop cord, a good manual operation choice for shades that will be heavier and harder to lift. Or choose remote control lift for even easier use.
  • Top-Down/Bottom-Up lets you raise or lower the shade from both sides. Or lower from the top only with the top-down option. Shades with this upgrade are not available with waterfall style.
  • Get even more light control and privacy. Combine your woven woods with other light-filtering shades by adding the tandem or trilight shade option.
  • For easier operation on wider windows, choose a 2-on-1 headrail.
  • Add 3/8” spacer blocks to clear window obstructions or hold downs to better secure blinds in place.

This product complies with CPSC child safety guidelines. If you have children in your home on a regular basis, CPSC recommends the use of cordless window coverings.

This Woven Wood product offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Swatches are free, up to 10 per customer. If you order more than 10, only the first 10 will be shipped.

Guaranteed to Fit Guaranteed to Fit

Worried about measuring? Get complete peace of mind with Home Depot’s exclusive Guaranteed To Fit promise. If your window treatment doesn’t fit, we’ll send you a new one at no cost. We’ll cover shipping too!

  • Limited to 4 blinds per household
  • No cash refunds
  • Exchange must be the same product and color
  • Additional charges may apply if there’s a price difference between old and new blinds
  • Exchange must occur within 15 days of delivery to your home


Standard Blind Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 13"
  • Maximum Width (Tropics Colors Single Headrail): 72"
  • Maximum Width (Other Colors Single Headrail): 96"
  • Minimum Height: 12"
  • Maximum Height: 108"
  • Approximate Inside Mount Deduction: 1/2"

Mounting Requirements

  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth: 1 1/2"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed): 2 1/4"
  • Minimum Inside Mounting Surface (Continuous Cord Loop fully recessed): 3 1/4"
  • Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: 1"
  • Motorized Shade / Cord Loop / TD/BU: 2 1/2" Headrail

Optional Upgrades:

Origin of Production

  • Made In: Imported