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Blackout Vertical Honeycomb Shade

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Get the full benefits of cellular light control and the easy use of vertical shades with these Blackout Vertical Honeycomb Shades from MyBlinds.

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Product Primary Options

  • Color

    3/4" Metropolitan Single Cell Colors

    • Candlelight HM5 120
      Order Sample
    • Tumbleweed HM5 104
      Order Sample
    • Chocolate Milk HM5 121
      Order Sample
    • Glacier HM5 122
      Order Sample
    • Sail Cloth HM5 910
      Order Sample
    • Afternoon Tea HM5 903
      Order Sample
    • Adobe Brick HM5 119
      Order Sample
    • Fallen Tree HM5 908
      Order Sample
    • Bonsai HM5 950
      Order Sample
    • Bewitched Blue HM5 951
      Order Sample
    • Purple Granite HM5 952
      Order Sample
    • Cannonball HM5 953
      Order Sample

    3/4" Intimate Single Cell Colors

    • Candlelight HS2 304
      Order Sample
    • Warm Embrace HS2 307
      Order Sample
    • Wild Rice HS2 303
      Order Sample
    • Sunset HS2 302
      Order Sample
    • Hot Fudge Sundae HS2 926
      Order Sample
    • Clotted Cream HS2 300
      Order Sample
    • Fog Bank HS2 922
      Order Sample
    • Grassy Field HS2 927
      Order Sample

    3/4" Retreat Single Cell Colors

    • Whisper RTB 640
      Order Sample
    • Sunrise RTB 641
      Order Sample
    • Warm Gold RTB 642
      Order Sample
    • Antique Brass RTB 644
      Order Sample

    2" Hybrid Pleat

    • Hybrid Sail Cloth MHPB 3910
      Order Sample
    • Hybrid Chocolate Milk MHPB 3121
      Order Sample
    • Hybrid Tumbleweed MHPB 3104
      Order Sample
    • Hybrid Bewitched Blue MHPB 3951
      Order Sample
    • Hybrid Afternoon Tea MHPB 3903
      Order Sample
    • Hybrid Fallen Tree MHPB 3908
      Order Sample

Customer Reviews

Product Details


Get the full benefits of cellular light control and the easy use of vertical shades with these Blackout Vertical Honeycomb Shades from MyBlinds. The blackout fabric completely blocks out light, making them a great choice for day sleepers and nurseries. And the simple sliding tracks make them a perfect fit for sliding glass doors. With easy to clean 100% stain and wrinkle-free polyester fabric, they are low maintenance and will last over time. The sleek honeycomb design insulates your room and helps reduce your heating and cooling bills. Plus they are offered in many neutral and muted colors, so you can perfectly personalize your space.

  • Available in 3/4” single cell honeycomb fabric that also absorbs sound and helps reduce noise. Most fabrics have a white backing for a better exterior curb appeal.
  • Customize your room by choosing whether the shades stack on the right, left, center or split down the middle.
  • For windows or doors with obstructions like handles, add 3/8” spacer blocks to extend the shade to clear it.

This product complies with CPSC child safety guidelines. If you have children in your home on a regular basis, CPSC recommends the use of cordless window coverings.

Swatches are free, up to 10 per customer. If you order more than 10, only the first 10 will be shipped.

Guaranteed to Fit

Worried about measuring correctly? Get complete peace of mind with Guarantee To Fit. If something's wrong with your blind, we'll get you a new one—a 100% exchange—at no cost. Even if you made a mistake measuring! We'll cover the shipping too.

  • Limited to four blinds per household
  • No cash refunds
  • Exchange must be the same product and color
  • Additional charges may occur if there's a price difference between old and new blinds
  • Exchange must occur within 15 days of receipt of package


Standard Blind Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 13"
  • Maximum Width: 168"
  • Minimum Height: 24"
  • Maximum Height: 120"
  • Approximate Inside Mount Deduction: 3/8"

Mounting Requirements

  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth: 1"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth ( fully recessed ): 3 5/8"
  • Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: 5/8"

Optional Upgrades:

  • Single Cell
  • Left Stack
  • Right Stack
  • Center Stack
  • Split Stack

Origin of Production

  • Made In: Imported
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