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Custom Home Collection

Budget Woven Wood Shade

Get the relaxed look and feel of woven wood with this inexpensive option.

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  • Color

    Woven Wood Colors

    • Charleston White D08-02
    • Hana Cotton D07-02
    • Rustic White E-02
    • Hana Silver D07-21
    • Hana Platinum D07-23
    • Kiawah Titanium AN53N-22
    • Charleston Stone Gray D08-22
    • Biscayne Ash D15-22
    • Kiawah Steel AN53N-02
    • Brisbane Twig D19-22
    • Hana Thunder D07-22
    • Capri Ivory 131
    • Antigua Natural 68N
      No Sample
    • Malay Natural 52P
    • Hatteras Beige Taupe D02-22
    • Brisbane Jute D19-05
    • Tahoe Natural D16-05
    • Capri Maple 13M
    • Rustic Tan 17T
    • Fiji Natural 21N
    • Cape Cod Sand WL6914K
    • Tahiti Natural AN-53N
    • Montana Sawgrass D15-16
    • Montana Timber D15-04
    • Hatteras Dusk D02-19
    • Malay Oak 87K
    • Bamboo Screen Brown 49B
    • Tiki Carbon 20C
    • Driftwood Umber J07-06
    • Capri Walnut CA13W
    • Rustic Pecan 21P
    • Malay Umber E394
    • Madrid Cafe E-365
    • Brunswick Bark D18-88
    • Hatteras Rock D02-88
    • Brunswick Cinder D18-06
    • Biscayne Charcoal D15-17
    • Tibet Ebony T103E
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  • Edge Binding Colors

    Edge Bindings

    • White W024
    • Cream W001
    • Natural W023
    • Dark Beige W003
    • Light Brown W06
    • Mocha W007
    • Pecan W009
    • Chocolate W010
    • Black W015

Customer Reviews

Product Details

Get the relaxed look and feel of woven wood with this inexpensive option. These Budget Woven Wood Shades from Custom Home Collection provide a casually elegant accent to your bedroom or living room, while offering discount savings. With a variety of woven woods to choose from (including bamboo, walnut, oak, pecan, maple, and much more) these shades are a great complement to existing or developing design style on a budget. For extra design flair add colorful wide edge binding that also helps prevent stretching. A 6” valance is included at no extra charge. You can also increase light control by adding a blackout or privacy liner to the back of the shade.

  • Continuous loop provides easy manual operation for larger windows and doors.
  • Choose the cordless lift option for ease of use.
  • Top-down/bottom-up operation is also available to increase control over privacy and exterior light.
  • For protruding outside mounts, side returns are included for better design flow.
  • Add edge binding for a clean, finished look.
  • Available in different weaves, patterns, and colors.
  • Cordless lift is safer for children or pets.
  • Natural materials sometimes stretch over time. This is particularly noticeable in inside mounts and long windows that extend from ceiling to floor. Add edge binding to reduce stretch or measure for a shorter blind, allowing them to fit over time.
  • Slight variations in color, texture and size are normal in natural materials.
  • Standard valance return height will be 1½" less than the valance height. This length will keep the rolled bottom of the valance from interfering with the return. Longer returns can be ordered upon request.

Note: This product complies with CPSC child safety guidelines. If you have children in your home on a regular basis, CPSC recommends cordless window coverings.

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Swatches are free, up to 10 per customer. If you order more than 10, only the first 10 will be shipped.

Guaranteed to Fit Guaranteed to Fit

Worried about measuring? Get complete peace of mind with Home Depot’s exclusive Guaranteed To Fit promise. If your window treatment doesn’t fit, we’ll send you a new one at no cost. We’ll cover shipping too!

  • Limited to 4 blinds per household
  • No cash refunds
  • Exchange must be the same product and color
  • Additional charges may apply if there’s a price difference between old and new blinds
  • Exchange must occur within 15 days of delivery to your home


Standard Corded Shade Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 12"
  • Maximum Width (Single Headrail): 96"
  • Maximum Width (2-on-1 Headrail): 110"
  • Minimum Height: 18"
  • Maximum Height: 120"
  • Valance Height: 6"

Cordless Shade Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 18"
  • Maximum Width (Single Headrail): 72"
  • Maximum Width (2-on-1 Headrail): 110"
  • Minimum Height: 24"
  • Maximum Height: 72"
  • Valance Height: 6"

Motorized Shade Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 23"
  • Maximum Width (Single Headrail): 96"
  • Maximum Width (2-on-1 Headrail): 110"
  • Minimum Height: 18"
  • Maximum Height: 120"
  • Valance Height: 6"

Continuous Cord Loop Shade Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 18"
  • Maximum Width (Single Headrail): 96"
  • Maximum Width (2-on-1 Headrail): 110"
  • Minimum Height: 18"
  • Maximum Height: 120"
  • Valance Height: 6"

Mounting Requirements

  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth: 1"
  • Min. Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed): 2 1/2"
  • Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: 1 1/2"
  • Min. Inside Mount Depth with Continuous Cord Loop or movable liner (fully recessed): 3 1/2"

Optional Upgrades:

  • Motorization with Wand or Remote
  • Continuous Cord Loop
  • Bottom-Up/Top-Down
  • Privacy Liner (Natural or Beige)
  • Blackout Liner (Soft White)
  • Movable Privacy Liner
  • Movable Blackout Liner
  • Standard shades have 6" Valance
  • Waterfall Shades - Fabric rolls off front of headrail.
  • Narrow 1/2" Binding
  • Wide 1 1/2" Binding
  • 2 on 1 Headrail

Origin of Production

  • Made In: Imported